A message from our Vice President, John Compo, who is also doing our CSLAP water sampling concerning water chestnuts in Black Lake.

Until this year, there have been no water chestnuts confirmed to be growing in Black Lake. However, there was a find of a single rosette where Black Lake meets the Oswegatchie just last week. This is now reported in iMapInvasives.
In the Oswegatchie the population size upstream from the dam is far beyond our ability to hand pull and would need to likely mechanical or chemical treatment. Unfortunately, SLELO is not in a position to oversee this management based on our current scope of work and budget. However, we are putting effort in to better understand the distribution of WC downstream from the dam, and hopefully remove what we do find on August 5.

Thursday August 5th we are working with Save the River to coordinate two handpulls simultaneously. Registration will be released as soon as we have proper permissions for both events.

Guffin Bay and Guffin Creek (awaiting final permissions for water access) Oswegatchie River between the Village of Heuvelton Boat Launch and out to Eel Weir State Park (still need to confirm approval)

The Oswegatchie event will be a survey for and removal of water chestnut as we still do not know what the population looks like in this area. Any rosettes found/removed will be mapped and reported into iMap. We are looking to have 10-12 people at this event. We discussed having everyone meet in Heuvelton and paddle downstream (~5miles) with pickup vehicles to drive everyone back to Heuvelton or splitting the group up and having half start at Heuvelton and half at Eel Weir paddling about 2.5 miles down and back (5 miles total). If anyone has interest in attending either event, providing boats or seasonal staff, please let John know. 

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