Black Lake Currents Spring 2023

                                 Highlights from Jay Carter, President
           The Black Lake Association held its first Board/Public Meeting on Sunday, May 14 at the Black Lake Fish Game Club.  Turnout was small since it was Mother's Day but this was the only time we could get most of our Board Members together and we needed to discuss some important issues.
          We have had some major changes to our Board early this year.  John Compo, Vice President, has resigned and Scott Roof, Board Member has been appointed to replace him.  Steve Roof has been appointed to replace Scott on our Board.  Steve Martire, Board Member has resigned and Craig McClear was appointed to fill his spot.  The Board of the Black Lake Association thanks our prior members for all their hard work and welcomes their new ones.

          All of these appointments will be voted on at our annual members' meeting which will be held on Sunday, July 23.  Exact time and place is to be determined.  Please mark your calendars.

          We have many important projects in the works for this coming summer.  These projects, including funding from grants and contributions, will be enhanced by the fact that our 3 Black Lake Organizations, BL Chamber of Commerce, BL Fish and Game Club and BL Association are now working together as one unit.

          One of the major problems threatening our lake are the water chestnuts invading the Oswegatchie River.  We have committed to providing 2 weed cutting boats and a dump truck for 30 days to help with this serious problem.  The cutting boats will be run 8 hours a day with paid operators and later hours with volunteers.

          Brad Baldwin, PhD is a biology professor at St. Lawrence University, who has studied Black Lake alongside the BLA for nearly 25 years, exploring its invasion by zebra mussels, its environmental conditions, and the high productivity of its plankton.  We have partnered with Brad to conduct our own water sampling in addition to CSLAP.  We have done this in order to sample the 4 causes of pollution as determined in the past:  Farms, Swamps, Septic Tanks and Water Testing Facilities.  We have begun this process early in May. 

          The Black Lake Association continues to try to get management of the state boat launch turned over to Morristown as the state has no money to address any issues there. Unfortunately, this is a long and tedious process.

          We will continue our efforts regarding weed control and harvesting.  We were very successful last year in cutting a channel in the north end of the lake. One of our new goals is to widen this channel. We also want to expand our efforts in other parts of the lake. We received many generous contributions toward both weed harvesting in general and the water chestnut problem.  These included $ 10,000 from Town of Oswegatchie, $ 7,100 from the Town of  MaComb, along with many smaller Contributions.  Any donations to help with this are greatly appreciated.

          We are conducting a fundraiser with Cash Raffle Tickets and big cash prizes.  This will be detailed later.
           We are continuing to try to improve our website with links to other organizations, environmental information, status on our projects, etc.  If anyone has any suggestions on what should be included, please contact one of our Board members.

          The Black Lake Association was founded in 1982 to champion environmental issues and to address the challenges that impact the Black Lake Watershed.  Our mission is to protect and preserve the ecosystems of Black Lake and to enhance water quality, fishing, boating safety and the aesthetic value of the lake for the benefit of all those who use it. Current programs include:  Water quality testing and initiative, Boat Steward Program for invasive aquatic species control, Prevention and Control of phosphorous contamination of the lake and its watershed, Invasive species monitoring and control, Fishing tournament scheduling and management, Water sampling and testing, Boat launch operation and stewardship, Weed control/harvesting and Fish population sampling and Management. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation.  Contributions or gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

In This Issue:

* Board of Directors                                       
* Financial Update                         
* IRLC Schedule of Events and steps we can take to keep our lakes clear
* Bella Brooke Winery Anniversary Celebration
* Photo Gallery
* NYSFOLA - Life Under the Ice
* Boat Stewardship
* Cash Raffle                 
* Membership Application          
Jay Carter - President
Scott Roof - Vice President (appointed)
   Lisa Schnorr - Secretary
Ronni (Veronica) Badini - Treasurer
Board Members:
Carol Adamczyk
Mike Chetwin
Michelle Gallagher
Craig McClear (appointed)
Steve Roof (appointed)
Mike Rowley
John VanSchaick

Financial Update

The Black Lake Association currently has total assets of 72,075 compared to 45,973 at the beginning of this year. This is a very strong financial position but we have not yet paid any of our major expenses.  We have received 6,345 in membership dues so far and 2,095 in miscellaneous donations. Of this amount, 1,775 was donated in memory of Jim Jackson. The Town of Oswegatchie has contributed 10,000 towards the water chestnut pull and the Town of McComb has donated 7,100 to help with weed control.  Our Vanguard Investment Account has started earning interest again. It went from 17,661 in January to 18,191 at the end of April. 99 Cash Raffle Tickets have been sold so far, generating 1,960 in revenues. So far we have paid 600 for our new water sampling project, 300 for the panfish marathon, and 385 for some miscellaneous supplies and postage. Upcoming expenses include insurance, water chestnut pull and weed harvesting

IRLC Schedule of Upcoming Events

Indian River Lakes Conservancy (IRLC) was founded 24 years ago.  Today it works to protect the 18 lakes in the Indian River Watershed.  The mission of the Indian River Lakes Conservancy is to conserve, protect and encourage the sustainable management of the water,land and biological resources in the Indian River Watershed for the benefit and enrichment of future generations.
This is completed through careful stewardship of IRLC land and water as well as education programs for the community to learn about the natural world around them.

Water Quality Conference
  June 2   8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  Redwood Hill Preserve

Teen Wood crafting Program
  June 24   9 AM -3:00 PM
  Red Lake Preserve

WHIRL Summer Intensive
  July 11 - Aug 11   9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  Redwood Hill Preserve
  This provides an opportunity for teens to engage with the forests and water of the Indian River               Watershed.

Celebration of Lakes Annual Dinner & Fundraiser
  Aug 6   4:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  Thousand Islands Winery

BLack Lake Association